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Sunday, September 05, 2010








.....the waterfall of gadgets family cars and paperback books.
irrelevant struggles
"as specific causes of disease disappear, a growing proportion of people die of what are called stress diseases, or diseases of degeneration caused by stress, that is, by the wear and tear resulting from conflicts, shocks, nervous tension, frustration, bilitating rhythms.."
that's real life. my everyday life.
What about this feeling of never really being inside your own skin? Let nobody say these are minor details or secondary points. There are no negligible irritations: gangrene can start in the slightest graze. A man carried along by the crowd, which only e can see, suddenly screams out in an attempt to break the spell, to call himself back to himself, to get back inside his own skin. The tacit acknowledgments, fixed smiles, lifeless words, listlessness and humiliation sprinkled in his path suddenly sur into him, driving him out if his desires and his dreams and exploding the illusion of being together. People touch without meeting; isolation accumulates but is never realised; emptiness overcomes us as the destiny of the crowd gathers. the crowd drags e out of myself and installs thousands of little sacrifices in my empty presence......

after Raoul Vanegeim the revolution of everyday life

polyethylene does not ever disappear it is highly flammable
  • shrink wrapped
  • yoghurt cartons
  • cracking in the pipes
  • there is no significant risk to the public
  • pets in microwaves
  • "washed up on the beach"
  • estrogen dioxins
  • ready in 3 minutes boil in a bag
  • unleaded aluminium alzheimers
  • poythene bags
  • leukemia clusters
  • nutrasweet
  • insecticides
  • colourants
  • cling film
  • there is no significant risk to your health
  • there is no significant risk to your health
  • there is no significance see for yourself
  • close all your doors and windows till the cloud has passed
  • benzedrine
  • ritalin
  • polypropylene
  • the blood will wash off easily
  • chlorine
  • microwaves
  • aluminium
  • decaffeinated
  • minor skin irritations
  • styrofoam
  • unleaded
  • antibiotic pigs
  • stuck in a frozen lake of polyethylene
  • salmonella
  • the water here's poison
  • plastic is a disease
  • if everyone took it all back to the supermarkets it came from
  • they would get the message
  • get the message?






An account of a bizarre occurence.